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ez game lol beat it in 10 min it was a really good game tho


The wasd controls ruined the gam

how your weird

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Excellent tension, a great balance  of difficulty and reward. I always felt that things were one step ahead of my upgrades. It has a bit of a Hotline Miami vibe. Haven't made it past 15 yet, hopefully on my next run.  (Man, effing 15...)

This was REALLY cool! Great job

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could you allow people to change controls please ? cause i have an azerty keyboard and wasd is unplayable on it T^T

Use AutoHotkey to remap the keys.

Good Game

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Hey Yeeteth, you might want to update your title screen. It's a bit ugly. I guess it's alright for a jam.

The game is hilariously stressful, and the tight game loop is very compelling. Once you get started it's tough to stop playing before you've seen the end.


Hey Yeeteth, your game was reviewed by miziziziz! How lucky is that?! (skip to 4 hours and 51 minutes)

yeah, i know!


Great game, I love how you did the final level

Totally awesome game!

The ending was so satisfying

Love the concept. Game gets very tense when the time runs out.

Super awesome game with a great gameplay loop! Awesome job :)

short, but very fun, i love

This concept is super fun ! I really love it

This game can be expanded in a lot of different ways! 
wonderful mechanic!

Interesting game-play. Challenges are so short that you never get bored. weapons and enemies are well balanced for the challenge.

Good game.

sick! I love that it's deceptively strategic - not just the upgrade system but the pacing of the levels themselves. like it a lot!